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Islamic Fintech Dialogue
01 Dec 2020 - 02 Dec 2020
01:40 pm - 06:00 pm
The 3rd IFD (IFD2020) will push the dialogue even further. The global COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the need to adapt and accelerate the digitalization of financial services as a survival strategy across the globe. Market players and regulators of the Islamic financial services industry must make it a top priority. Institutions
that drag their feet on planning for fintech will face irrelevance or, more likely, extinction.
Can the Islamic fintech industry transform this disruption into new solutions and opportunities? A notable reality, especially in the Islamic fintech industry, is that, although the industry seems to be expanding, it is not connected. There seem to be key components of the industry that are still missing. In the interest of creating an Islamic fintech ecosystem, whether regional or global, these components must be identified. This year’s event will discuss these areas to better understand the existing ‘dots’ and how they can be better connected. It will also explore what fundamental blocks are still missing for building an Islamic fintech ecosystem.
The 3rd IFD is not left behind in the digitalization wave. While transitioning the dialogue to the virtual world, the 3rd IFD plans to create an informative and memorable milestone in the industry. This year, like previous years, will bring together fascinating experts and scholars to discuss these issues. The event will feature the launch of an Islamic Fintech Report that will provide wider insight about the Islamic fintech industry. There is much more to expect from the event this year. We look forward to engaging and interactive sessions.

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