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Word of the Day
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 'Aks al-'Inah Reverse ‘Inah Literally: ‘inah is a loan.
2 'aqd tauthiqiy A guarantee contract
3 'ariyah A beneficial contract in which the borrower enjoys the usufruct of an asset without fee
4 'umum al-nahyi General prohibitions
5 'uqubah maliyyah Financial penalty
6 'uqud tauthiqat Plural of `aqd tauthiqiy
7 'urf al-iqtisadiyyah Common practice in economic activities
8 Ada' Pay or Perform Literally: to deliver or connect. Ada’ of a trust means to give it back to its owner.
9 Adl Temperate Literally: moderation in matters.
10 Afwu Pardon Literally: to leave alone; to erase.
11 Ahd Covenant Literally: directive, safeguard, and confirmed.
12 Ahliyah & Dhimmah Legal Capacity & Liability Legal Capacity & Liability
13 Ahliyyah Legal Capacity Literally: fitness to undertake something.
14 Ajal Term Literally: time limit; also, the time in which something occurs.
15 Ajir Worker -Worker
16 Ajr Wage Literally: reward given for a work or service. Allah says: “We would then have given them from Our presence a great reward.” Surah al-Nisa' (4):67.
17 Ajr al-Mithl Reasonable Wage/Rent -Reasonable Wage/Rent
18 Ajr Musamma Stipulated Wage Stipulated Wage
19 akhz al-ajr 'ala al-jah Remuneration that is based on good name or good reputation
20 al-'Adalah Moderation Literally: moderation, integrity, and balance.
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010