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Overview of MIFC
The formation of the Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC) in 2006 was a key milestone in the development of Malaysia's Islamic finance industry, which began over 30 years ago.

In its role to develop and promote Malaysia as an international marketplace for Islamic finance, MIFC is tasked to bring together the key stakeholders in an increasingly important international Islamic finance ecosystem. These key stakeholders include government ministries and agencies, financial and market regulators including Malaysia's Central Bank, its Securities Commission, the Malaysian stock exchange and Labuan Financial Services Authority; as well as the many financial institutions, human capital development organisations and other professional services companies, and unite them under a common banner, to establish Malaysia as the world’s Islamic Finance Marketplace.

Our key value proposition is an end-to-end Shariah-compliant business environment. This environment is the result of a long history of developing Islamic finance together with thought leaders and talent who understand the Shariah framework and how it affects finance.
The integral sectors established within the MIFC initiative work seamlessly to allow new business partnerships to benefit from Malaysia’s track record of innovation, pool of expertise, attractive incentives, and robust and comprehensive
Malaysia’s Islamic financial industry is market-driven with strong and continual government commitment. The MIFC Executive Committee (ExCo) provides high-level strategic direction through an ongoing consultative process between the public and private sectors of Malaysia’s Islamic financial industry. The MIFC ExCo is tasked to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the MIFC initiative. This high-level commitment contributes to an increasingly business-friendly and liberalised environment for the globalisation of Islamic finance by the MIFC community.